Temple Gets Own Home After 10 Years

TUA Yee Peh Temple in Relau, Penang, has finally found a permanent place to call home after 10 years. Committees of the Temple thanked the Penang Government and Ideal Property Group, for the construction of a two-storey building in Lebuh Relau 1 which has since completed.

Over the past 10 years, Tua Yee Peh Temple in Relau, Penang, faced the dilemma of having to keep relocating its temple to make way for developments.

The original site of Tua Yee Peh Temple was identified as a school land by the State Government and will be used for school expansion in the future. Hence, Ideal Property Group and Penang State Government collaborated in assisting the temple to relocate to a land opposite to the Penang Agricultural Tourism Center in Relau. The present address houses a 2-storey building and allows more interaction between the members of the temple.

The relocation of Tua Yee Peh Temple has provided a win-win situation to all parties. While a new school can be established, Tua Yee Peh Temple can be relocated to a permanent address. And in fact the new location is sited not far from the original location and hence offering convenience to the members of the temple as they do not need to travel far in order to visit the new temple.

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